The Importance of a Domain Name

Selecting the best domain name is the hardest challenge any business owner can face. A domain name is not just a set of words. It is actually one of the selling points for any given business. Most people do not understand the benefits of having a domain name and many times, its importance has been underestimated. Having a domain name is important with the same measure of having a reputable company host that domain for you.

A domain name is more or less like a unique identity on the World Wide Web. Having a domain name has the same feeling as owning property under your name. Having the sense of ownership is the most important thing about having a domain name. There are however, other important aspects of having a domain name. The following are some of them:

A domain name gives your business credibility

If you are thinking of adding that professional touch to your website, then having a domain name in place is one such way. Chances are high that a new user will make an opinion about your business by simply looking at your domain. Your domain name can either give the impression of a large, well established company, or a lousy one. If you want your clients to have confidence in you, avoid publishing your site through free web hosting sites as they come with generic addresses. Instead, use money to register for an appropriate domain name.

A domain name makes it easy for you to move from one host to another

Moving from one domain host to another is quite easy when the domain is your own. Unlike sharing someone else’s domain name, you will be forced to start afresh if you decide to move to a new host and this means losing customers. We all know building traffic is not easy so why take that risk? When you have your own domain name, moving is easy as you will still retain your website with its original domain name.

Search Engines give Importance to Websites that have their own Domain Names

Search engines usually give preference to websites that have their own domain names that are unique to the type of products and services the business offers. Websites that have sub-domains or those that are a part of another domain name are given the least preference. Therefore, to get a liable and higher ranking on the search engines, ensure that your domain name uniquely stands on its own.

A domain name helps in building your brand

Having your own domain name is one of the perfect and surest ways to build your brand. This works better if you include either your brand name or your company name in your domain name. Having your company name as part of your domain name works to reinforce the value of your band and also increases awareness. Visitors tend to remember it more, for future visits and/or for referrals when they talk about it to other people around them.

A domain name comes with personalized and multiple email addresses

Another major advantage of having your own domain name is the fact that it comes with personalized and multiple email addresses.  You get the chance to create professional, looking email addresses. A domain also gives you the flexibility to create multiple email addresses for the various departments within your organization. Having a customized email address also means that your visitors feel comfortable dealing with you directly and not through a particular channel.

A domain name actually works at building your reputation. Without one, your website will look like an amateur. A domain name gives you the professional edge that all businesses desire to have. These days, domain names are affordable so there is no reason not to have one.




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