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Outdoor Security cameras are systems used to monitor an outdoor area of your choice. The most common places that such cameras are often placed include the entrance, walkways or driveways. However, every property is unique and every property owner has their plan so camera placement is not limited to the three common places mentioned. The variables may either be just the entrance or monitoring every part of the property.

There are two categories of outdoor security cameras: Analog and network surveillance security cameras. Analog cameras constitute most of the security cameras in the market today. They mostly rely on CCTV surveillance software that is connected to a DVR or a computer. There are also transmission cables that connect the camera to the DVR and receive videos from the mounted camera. Network surveillance security cameras on the other hand, might be more expensive, but the technology it uses is more advanced with more user options. The network surveillance camera does not need a DVR because it has this capability built in. The camera can capture images and video, compress it and convert to a digital format to be streamed over the internet.

Types of Outdoor Security Cameras in Kenya
There are several types of outdoor security cameras in Kenya and below are some of them:

Color or black and white cameras
Both color and black and white cameras are available for buyers to choose from. Important to note, however, is that color cameras are more expensive compared to black and white cameras. However, it provides a higher degree of footage. Black and white on the other hand will capture light versus dark tones. Color cameras can make all the difference when it comes to identifying an intruder. You will be able to identify the color of their clothing, skin, eyes and even the air, which can be crucial during investigations.

Wide-angle lens cameras
These are selected depending on the size of the property being covered. They are efficient in that when the area of coverage is wide, you won’t have to install so many cameras. Having a camera that has a wide angle is ideal as they can cover movements of up to 40 feet away.

Bullet cameras
It derives its name from the bullet shape that is has and is best suited for either wall or ceiling. It makes an ideal coverage of the entrance in most buildings and/or homes and works best when pointed in one direction. Since it does not rotate and zoom in, it is easier for an intruder to escape it.

Surveillance cameras

A majority of people today rely on surveillance cameras to protect their property

Surveillance Cameras
A majority of people today rely on surveillance cameras to protect their property

Dome Cameras
They are dome shaped just like the name suggests, are designed to give the buyer a more protected entry way. The advantage of dome cameras is the fact that it is difficult to tell where the camera is pointed much as it is visible to everyone who approaches it. Dome cameras have a variation called speed domes that spin quickly, thus capturing a broader range of images.

Discreet Cameras
Discreet cameras are the complete opposite of dome cameras. They are difficult to spot as they are disguised as ordinary outdoor artifacts such as a clock, plants or an electrical box. Alternatively, where discreet cameras lack, any camera can be hidden in a planter or a tree to disguise it, making it hard to notice.

PTZ Cameras
These are also known as pan, tilt and zoom cameras. It is ideal for covering a large area outdoors since it can tilt and zoom. PTZ cameras can do the job of severally fixed-sight cameras since it has the ability to capture different angles. It can either be pre-programmed or controlled by an operator in a remote location.
The first line of defense that most people use to protect what matters most to them, be it their homes, office or other property, is the outdoor security cameras. They are a crucial part of the security of any kind of property. Security cameras provide the assurance that anything or anyone that approaches your property cannot go unknown, whether in real time or remotely via a computer or a smartphone.


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