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Internet marketing refers to the marketing and advertising efforts that use the world wide web as well as email to drive direct sales. It is used alongside the traditional ways of advertising such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines. Internet marketing, also known as online marketing or digital marketing, moves at the speed of light and marketers should keep up in order to stay at the edge of competition. It is, therefore, important to have a strong foundation, with the judgment to think critically, act independently and have relentless creativity.

In this day and age, where everyone and everything is leaning towards technology, a comprehensive online marketing strategy is required in order to help reach a higher number of potential clients. When looking into your strategy, there are key components that can help in fueling the growth of a particular business and push the business to the next level.

6 Components of Internet Marketing Strategy

In order to stay ahead in an aggressive industry like internet marketing, there are certain components of internet marketing that you need to know about. The following are the top 6 components of an internet marketing strategy:

Website Design

Web design..

A good web design caters to the user’s needs

A website acts as the face of your company and therefore, it has to be professional, clean and easy to navigate. You need to focus on creating calls to action to keep your viewers thinking about what your company can do to them. You also have to optimize all browsers to ensure users can reach you through any device, either on smart phones, tablets or desktop computers. You also need to incorporate relevant keywords to naturally help your search rankings.



To blog is to share, connect, create and inspire

Blogs give companies a 55% more chance of receiving visitors to their websites than companies that do not blog. Blogs help in providing customers with useful and relevant information. A good blog must be easy for readers to subscribe through RSS and email, it should be easy to share through social media and it has also to be easy to interact by commenting on posts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Seo Strategies in Kenya

Remarkable SEO strategies equal return on investments

A high percentage of people turn to the internet when they are looking for just about anything. Many a potential customers start at the search engine when they need what you are offering. In order to be found by these potential clients, you must put SEO techniques into your website, blog or social media account in order to rank high on the search engines. To incorporate SEO, ensure all the pages on the website are optimized. The pages also need to include specific keywords that people most commonly search for in your industry. These keywords need to be incorporated in your website and through social media. The keywords must also be specific to your market, which are one of the keys to ranking well on search engines.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing keeps you in the mind of your customer
You may not be able to keep your website on people’s minds all the time, but email marketing is a great way to stay in front of your customers. Remember to create a quality design for your email template so that it ties in with the look and feel of your website. This is a comprehensive marketing strategy because it provides useful and relevant information through email on a regular basis. This is one of the major ways a potential customer can be turned into an actual buyer.

Social Media Presence

 Social Media..

Social Media connects you to more potential clients

Creating a social media presence and maintaining it has several major advantages to your business. The major social media pages include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. To create a social media presence, create a community around your company by interacting with the people who are interested in your company and what you offer. Update your status regularly interact with users who comment on your status. This will help you remain on people’s radar always.


Google analytics

Google analytics help you track the performance of your website

Any marketing strategy should not end without measuring the results and trends of your website, blog or email campaign. The main reason for internet marketing is to rank highly on search engines. The most important metrics to measure include site visits, page views, bounce rate, landing and exit pages, as well as the average time spent on the site. The metrics to look into on a blog is the number of subscribers, views/visitors,clicks, ranks and social media shares. If you are marketing a social media page then you must be keen on the number of likes, followers, connections and engagements that your page has within a given period.

In the world today, millions of people turn to the internet for literally anything they are looking for; be it a product they are looking for or a service they are seeking. This presents a whole world of potential clients as well as a lot of competition for the same clients since chances are, you are not the only one in that line of business. This is why your business needs an internet marketing strategy in order to rank your website high on search engines and help you stay ahead of the rest!


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